Since the beginning of 2018, interest rates for consumer credit have remained close to their historic low. The timing is probably optimal to replace your old car or to do work in your home. Your need of 12000 dollars will then take the form of a fixed interest rate loan.

When you want to borrow 12000 USD


It is important to remember that this amount is regularly promoted. Savings to be realized will be substantial provided you access the right offers.

Over a period of 36 months or more, interest rates are currently around 4% depending on the promotional offers.

However, if the rates are currently low, the credit is not so easy, the number of rejections remains important for technical reasons and cyclical. Since all lenders do not have the same acceptance criteria, it is essential to compare and solicit several organizations to give their file the best chance of success.

Comparing $ 12,000 in credit means saving more

Comparing $ 12,000 in credit means saving more

To borrow without comparing is to take the risk of paying much more for one’s credit since the scales for twelve thousand dollars borrowed vary from simple to double. Comparing offers, however, is tedious in terms of credit because some online establishments play on the ground of opacity by not delivering online offers freely.

Soliciting your bank may seem like a natural solution but most often, you will be asked to make an appointment with your advisor.

To save both time and money, the easiest way is to compare the specialized organizations in a modern and instantaneous way. using Credit Comparator. Simply fill out the personal form. Two to three minutes are required. This unique form is complete and validated by all listed organizations.

The results and the comparison appear in a clear table


Once the personalized form is completed, you will see the list of all the establishments with the exact monthly payments, the APR for a loan of 12000 $ corresponding to your profile.

You select the establishments that will receive your application and it’s over!

The answers are sent to you very quickly on your email (organizations know they are competing)

The sequel belongs to you. You will be able to give a favorable result or not to each offer, without any obligation, nor expenses.

The online credit comparator is easy to use and will allow you to avoid missing one-off offers that regularly affect credits of 12,000 dollars.

To summarize

    • The comparator credit saves considerable time compared to ‘old-fashioned’ research which consists in comparing one by one all the establishments or to consult faithfully its banker for proposals of credit less competitive.
    • The comparator credit compares up to 10 specialized organizations at a time to borrow 12000 dollars
    • The comparator makes money. Savings on your future monthly payments are immediately visible in a table that does not hide anything

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